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The Role of Small Molecules in Biology

New website

14 Jan 2021 - Art Edison

After seeing what I thought was a really nice website, I contacted Meren to ask him how he did it. He then told me all about jekyll, which is hosted by GitHub. This sounded interesting and provided an opportunity for me to learn more about a bunch of things (which is why I went into science in the first place). I spent a week or so during the break trying to learn how to build a site. I got close enough to be dangerous, and I kept on breaking things. Then I found a very talented UGA CS student, Shophine Sivaraja, who patiently listened to my ideas, taught me how to better use GitHub, and built the core site. Once it is established, it is nice to use, because updates are pretty simple and primarily use the markdown language, which is amazingly powerful. My goal now is to try to keep this new site somewhat current, rather than the every 2 year update that I usually manage…