Edison Lab @UGA

The Role of Small Molecules in Biology

Olatomiwa Bifarin

Olatomiwa ‘Bif’ Bifarin is currently working at the interface of biochemistry, biomedicine and applied machine learning.

Bif’s current research projects/fields includes: 1) detection and staging of kidney cancer using urine based metabolomics and machine learning, 2) computer vision for microscopy image analysis (applications for C. elegans), 3) explainable AI applications for metabolomics studies, and 4) insilico toxicity prediction with deep learning.

His previous research experience include the study of DNA damage response using yeast genomics, and metabolic investigations of the role of glycosyltransferases in Caenorhabiditis elegans.

At his leisure, he write essays and fictions, and computational essays on machine learning at bifarinthefifth.com - a personal blog.